RAS is the sole provider of cheque-, credit- and property rental guarantee services in the industry.

The purpose of the National Credit Act is to provide a credit market in South Africa that is fair, transparent, accessible, responsible, competitive, sustainable and effective. This is primarily to protect the South African consumer. The RAS project was established in 2008 after a need was identified to provide independent SMEs, as well as large businesses, with technology and solutions to effectively manage their financial risk. These businesses have been under severe pressure due to the effects of the South African economic climate as well as legislation. Consumer rights are well protected by legislation and so should businesses enjoy rights and mechanisms to protect them from consumer exploitation.


We want to become a national leader in the risk assessment industry. Our strategy is to obtain CPA (Consumer Protection Act) information by getting a Financial Services Board license as a NCR (National Credit Regulator) credit provider.


  • Know your client. We assist South African businesses on how to effectively manage financial risk and protect themselves from consumer exploitation, by providing online access to all major credit bureaus.
  • Our performance standards: being a reliable and trustworthy consumer information provider.
  • We want our public image to reflect uncomplicatedness for our merchants, web security and safety. If you are concerned about the environment, this is one less company to worry about. We are online-based, making our services accessible anywhere in the country with the use of internet as our main resource.
  • Supplier relations are our most valuable asset to ensure ongoing upgrades and new products for market trends.


Protecting South African businesses against illegal consumer actions and enforcing good business practices.


  • To adhere to business practices in accordance with the applicable laws.
  • To adhere to ethical principles that reflect the highest standards of corporate and individual behavior based on Christian values.
  • To provide a platform where merchants have access to all the required risk assessment tools online to combat bad debtors.

RAS merchants include well known businesses such as Anta Boga Hotel, Rand Water Forensics, The Green Scorpions, Astrix Towing, Supa Quick, Canon, Compuden, Coastal Hire, Volvo, Galito's, Talisman and Ellies Electronics.

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